Angel investors are individuals who provide capital for a business in in exchange for ownership equity or convertible debt. They are typically  interested in investing privately in small businesses or start up companies during the early stage (The stages where risks of the start ups are relatively high). Because the risk is so high, angel investors often require a return on the investment at a higher rate than venture capitalists. Angel investors provide funding to companies in exchange for ownership equity.

Venture-capital funds are typically derived from a pool of professionally managed funds contributed by either individual venture capitalists or institutional investors. Venture capitalists are more inclined to invest in Entities that are at the product development stage or a deep production and marketing stages of commercialisation since the technology is well developed by that point. Also there are many venture-capitalists that prefer to invest only in companies that have an IP portfolio. Venture Capital funding are often conditional (meaning the funds usually come with strings attached). A few examples include instances where venture capitalist funds are granted in exchange for an interest stake in the company, a seat on the Board of Directors, the right to approve loans on behalf of the business, authority over the hiring/firing process, or various promises that the venture-capitalists will be included in all major business decisions. Venture-capita

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